CoolChip revolution in processor cooling

CoolChip is the latest system designed for cooling air processors, which can be a real revolution. Its unusual design makes it impossible to find a typical heat sink, yet the new product is even 40 percent more efficient than the existing coolers.

Modern computers could not function without cooling, producing large amounts of processor heat. The current systems that provide PCs are based mostly on air cooling, which is not very efficient but cheap. These structures consist of a heat sink receiving heat from the system and then a fan that disperses them.

There are several ways to increase the efficiency of such cooling. Larger and faster fans can be used, larger heat sinks, and even hybrid systems that combine liquid and air cooling. However, all this increases the price of such a cooler, not to mention the large amount of free space needed to install it. This is not a particularly practical solution.

That's why the CoolChip CoolChip CoolChip Technologies CoolChip Technologies, based on kinetic cooling technology, is so interested in this. As you can see in the attached photos, the system does not have a traditional heat sink, because its role takes over the windmill, which, unlike typical coolers, was made of metal.

So heat is transferred from the copper cradle directly to the fan suspended above it at a few microns. The windmill simultaneously absorbs heat and dissipates it. Such a 35-40% manufacturer claims that the manufacturer increases the cooling efficiency.

CoolChip would be a very beneficial solution, but its appearance on the market is rather unlikely. The production of such a cooler is far more difficult and requires more advanced machinery, and of course it would have to cost significantly. Besides, the small space dividing the copper cup from the windmill makes it very dusty, reducing the efficiency of cooling very quickly.