NATO Maneuvers on the Black Sea

Today (March 10) NATO maneuvers on the Black Sea begin. They will join the combined US-Bulgarian-Romanian forces, and the exercises will last until 12 March.

The American side represents the Arleigh Burke missile destroyer - USS Truxton (pictured). This vessel, which is part of the hit group USS George HW Bush, a few days ago, with the consent of Turkey, affected the waters of the Black Sea. The aircraft carrier, with nearly 20 support ships, which had so far been stationed in Greece, sailed to Turkey's Antalya Turkish Mediterranean port on Sunday 9 March (less than 900 km from Crimea).

US naval officials assert that their presence as a Black Sea rocket destroyer in close proximity to Ukraine was planned before February 15, when the entire USS George HW Bush strike group left Norfolk's naval base.

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