State of Virginia legalizes delivery drones

Virginia is the first American state to have legalized delivery robots. In a few months, the first such machines will be able to legally start their work, carrying out various kinds of goods.

The future of courier services does not appear in bright colors. In a few years, everyone will lose the job of replacing the machines, either flying drones or delivery trucks moving on the ground. This future, in spite of appearances, is closer than we think.

Last week, Virginia's governor signed a new law that legalized terrestrial delivery work, allowing them to navigate the sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. Machines can not, however, travel at a higher speed than 16 km / h and exceed 22.5 kg.

Rules that will come into force on 1 July will allow such machines to move completely on their own. This does not mean, however, that they will operate unattended. To minimize the risk of collisions, regulatory authorities require each operator to have a remote monitoring system.

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