The Fitbit suit has saved a woman’s life

The 73-year-old Patricia Lauder from Connecticut owes his life to Fitbit's fitness belt. The device had suspected a high heart rate that allowed doctors to detect blood clots in both her lungs.

Fitness belts, although initially aroused great consumer interest, have in recent years their sales have fallen sharply. Manufacturers had to dismiss a lot of employees and restructure their businesses to avoid bankruptcy.

However, it turns out that these devices are useful and not only in the role to which they were designed. 73-year-old Patricia Lauder from Connecticut, thanks to the Fitbits, because of his life. The equipment she was wearing one day recorded a very high heart rate of 140 beats per minute, so much higher than the standard 60-70 beats that she had every day. The woman immediately notified the ambulance and it probably saved her life.

A hospital study revealed blood clots in both lungs that forced the heart to work harder to compensate for oxygen deficiency. Doctors within 24 hours dissolved clots and lungs began to work normally.

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